Dog Vocabulary

We compiled a list of all the words that our dogs can relate to or understand in some form or another. Check out our list and see if your dog can beat our total score…

Somebody or something’s name, a command or just something general. Here’s our list to give you some ideas ( it’s harder than you think when you have a smart dog) – see if you can beat our Total Score.

  • Names of other pack members and friends ( and cats!) = (approx. 11)
  • Where’s xxx/Where’s your xxx, Find xxx (2)
  • Bone, stick, toy, ball, car, bed, walkies (7)
  • Lunch, biscuit, chew, water, Kong (4)
  • Mouse, chicken, fly, butterfly, birdie, cat, cows (7)
  • Come, Stay, Wait, Sit, Lie Down, Sleep, Paw, Speak, High Five, Off/Get off, Through my legs, Fetch, Chase, Drop It, Upstairs (Downstairs), Swim, Find, No!, Leave it!, Out of the way! (20)
  • Thirsty, sore, naughty, quiet/shut-up, Good Boy!(5)

P.S. A short phrase e.g. ‘Lie down‘ counts as 1 word

Score to Beat: OUR TOTAL TO DATE = 56



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